PVCNSI Hosted Delegation of Foreign NGO Leaders

On Monday, March 19th, PVCNSI hosted a delegation of foreign NGO leaders from 6 countries (Bangladesh, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Israel, Paraguay and Panama) in our facility at 1 Mill Valley Road, Hadley, MA. The delegation was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program and arranged regionally by the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts.

NGO leaders included: Mr. Asadullahil Galib, Program Officer of The Foundation for Charitable Activities in Bangladesh (FCAB); Ms. Yael Frenkel, Co-founder of Jerusalem Dialogue NGO; Ms. Stephanie Lezcano, Executive Director of Calicanto Foundation, Ms. Mary Boni, Interim Director of Papua New Guinea Eco Forestry Forum; Mrs. Silvia Elena Mongelos Canete, Manager of Community Water Council Project, Fundacion Moises Bertoni; and Mr. Miyoba Hamuhuma, Country Executive Director of Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia.

Together with representatives from our Board of Directors (Andrew Bellak, Mary Hoyer, Scott Johnston, and Richard Sclove) and community guests, PVCNSI leadership (Roderick Anderson, Lily Rajic, Britt Ruhe, and Christopher Maschi) discussed NGO management strategy and the dynamic relationship between business, government, and NGOs, and shared experiences and strategies for strengthening leadership, employing volunteers, using technology and social media, fundraising, and furthering the organization’s missions.

Sharing similar missions and visions between PVCNSI and foreign delegate’s organizations, this successful visit has lead to establishing possible collaborations in expanding our education program and implementing PVCNSI supported research in sustainability initiatives.

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