PVCNSI’s Collaboration with Addonite

As part of PVCNSI’s commitment to provide high quality aquacultured corals and support cutting edge research and innovative technologies in natural sciences, Institute established collaboration with Addonite, an end-to-end IOT solution provider focusing on environmental and sustainability issues.

Addonite systems are cloud based WESN (Wireless Environment Sensor Network) networks built on Microsoft Technology. Addonite system collects physical and chemical environmental data (water, air and soil) using small, low cost and low power consumption sensors which is then sent to Addonite custom software running in the cloud where it is analyzed, triaged and made available visually on smart phone.

Currently, we are provided with Addonite’s system which has capacity to remotely monitor water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, conductivity and redox potential. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of these parameters is essential to maintain healthy environment for corals to thrive since even small changes in water quality can affect their growth rates.

Addonite is a woman-owned startup company. For more information about Addonite systems click here.

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