Vision and Mission

Our vision stems from the realization that engaging and supporting healthy communities requires innovative educational models and sustainable economic development.

Our mission is to provide support for students and researchers that are systemically underrepresented in STEM fields and promote economic transformation in historically marginalized communities.

Photo by Annie Innes-Gold


Our Model

We are creating a one-of-a-kind education model and community-based economic transformation. Our approach is to provide innovative coral aquaculture, develop community-based education programming and support entrepreneurial research.

Education Programs

Our Natural Science Academy is designed to provide an ecosystem of learning, which  includes experiential projects for high school students, workshops for high school science teachers and internships for students from local community colleges.

Our programing offers hands-on projects and work-based learning opportunities focused on marine science, environmental engineering and environmental justice.

Incubator and Co-working Space

Our research incubator and co-working space is created to support the growth of innovative early stage companies by providing offices, shared laboratories and equipment in environmental engineering and marine biology, as well as professional advising services. By utilizing our facilities, researchers will be relieved of any conversation about ownership of intellectual property, as they develop their research towards commercialization.

Our model reflects on Mass Biomedical Initiatives in Worcester and Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center.

Community Outreach

We provide community based workshops that are designed to offer a unique way for community members to learn about environmental justice. Our workshops range from Coral Reef Conservation and Water Quality to Public Health.    

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