Afterschool Program

PVCNSI Natural Science Academy’s Afterschool Program

As of November 2018, PVCNSI is offering STEM education program for high school students at our Hadley, MA facility. Our after school programming focuses on hands-on activities that introduce students to the real-world tools, used by scientists to explore and monitor conditions in the nature, explore green concepts on solving environmental pollution issues and exposes them to careers in engineering, marine science, and chemistry.

The program is developed and will be lead by Dr. Ljiljana (Lily) Rajic, chief science officer at Pioneer Valley Coral and Natural Science Institute. After school programs will be held at 1 Mill Valley Road, Hadley, MA. Our educational programs are shaped around sustainability, systems thinking and complemented by fun games (The Systems Thinking Playbook for Climate Change: A toolkit for interactive learning, Sweeney and Meadows 2010). Please see below for the overall program structure and planned activities.

Time and location: January 7th 2019 – March 25th 2019, Monday and Thursdays with two time slots: 5:30-6:30 and 6:45-7:45. Entire program will be held at 1 Mill Valley Road, Hadley, MA. The maximum number of students per group is 10.

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Members $380/Become a member here.

Non-members $450

Contact us to learn about our sliding scale registration fee!

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Everyone is welcome to join our afterschool program. We highly encourage African-Americans, Latina/os,  Native Americans, students with economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and girls to apply for our program.





Marine Life





Water Quality


Citizen Science – Test Your Tap Water


Human Impacts – Where Do Pollutants Come From?


Human Impacts – Eutrophication Part I


Human Impacts – When Water Becomes Acid


Human Impacts – Eutrophication Part II


Report and Reflection



Coral Anatomy, Growth and Water Quality: Part I

Coral Anatomy, Growth and Water Quality: Part II


Coral Anatomy, Growth and Water Quality: Part III


Ocean Acidification Part I – Coral Bleaching

Ocean Acidification Part II – Oysters and Mussels

Biomimicry – Marine Life Based Engineering

Report and Reflection


Principles of Green Engineering

Green Energy – Turn Soil into Battery

Green Energy – Build Your Solar Panel

Green Water Treatment – Sorption by Natural Materials

Green Water Treatment – Electricity to Purify Water

Report and Preparation for Final showcase

Final Showcase