Mayoral Aide

Springfield, MA

Darryl Moss

As a Mayoral aide, Darryl Moss is involved in a broad range of day-to-operations and activities. Darryl is a liaison to residents, elected officials, local businesses, community groups and organizations, federal and state agencies. Mr. Moss also represents the Mayor in public forums. His is assigned to work with specific neighborhood associations within the city, but is familiar with all of them. Mr. Moss brings a deep understanding of the issues facing many Springfield families to the Mayor’s Office. A professional in the field of Youth Development, Moss has more than 15 years of experience facilitating programs, budgetary policies and events for youth. As the Deputy Director of AWAKE Inc., Mr. Moss developed, implemented and directed intervention programs for young people. Previous experience includes working in prevention and intervention departments at the Martin Luther King Jr., Community Center. Mr. Moss has also worked with the Department of Youth Services; the Key Program, a Springfield-based residential treatment center; and New Opportunities, an alternative incarceration center in Waterbury, CT. Mr. Moss attended Southern Connecticut State University and Springfield College.

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