Our Natural Science Institute offers educational programming focusing on marine biology, chemistry and environmental engineering. Choose the program that is best for you!

Curriculum design

Make science learning in your classroom even more engaging and fun! We offer hands-on projects in biology, chemistry and environmental engineering for middle school and high school students. Contact us for rates, training and full curriculum.

Enrichment program

We provide a unique 3 months enrichment program for middle school and high school students with fun hands-on projects in chemistry, environmental protection and marine biology. Start preparing for a STEM career now!

Field trips

We host field trips at our coral farm facility, which supports courses in marine biology and conservation for undergraduates and facilitate field trips for middle school and high school students. Use our facility to enrich your science classes and motivate your students – our corals are waiting for you! Contact us for rates.

"Our approach is based on the philosophy of positive youth development and strong beliefs that interest in STEM fields at an early age can be successfully fostered through structured voluntary activities and organizational participation in problem-based educational programs."
Roderick Anderson
Executive Director

Internships for college students

Eager to learn about coral ecology and aquafarming, conduct research in water treatment, develop science programs for middle school and high schoolers, gain valuable experience in marketing and grant writing etc? We are the right place for you! Apply for our internship programs now.


1 Mill Valley Road, Hadley, MA


Ljiljana Rajic: lrajic@pvcnsi.org

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