ICP Water Testing

ICP Water Testing

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Why ICP testing?

You want to ensure that your corals have all the necessary minerals they need to thrive and nothing more? Then you are at the right place. We offer ICP-MS testing for your aquarium water and RODI water.

We use ICP-MS not ICP-OES. Why?

ICP-MS stands for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. In simple terms, a mass spectrometer measures the specific mass-to-charge ratio of the element in a sample. This powerful analytical equipment provides ultra-trace elemental analysis to identify and quantify a wide range of elements down to the parts-per-trillion (ppt) range. Whereas, ICP-OES or inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry measures elements in parts per-billion (ppb).

ICP-MS is a fast, multielemental technique with much lower detection capabilities than ICP-OES.

Let’s get started!

1. Sample Kit

Look out for our kits at your local store (Massachusetts and Connecticut). Once you get the kit follow the instructions on how to collect your sample(s).

2. Your Info

Once you take your sample, fill out the form providing your information and sample identification.


3. Send Your Sample

Kit provides envelope with the address (it is NOT preposted). Use the envelope to send your sample(s) to us and you will receive the confirmation when we have your samples.

4. Results

You will receive an electronic results’ report for your sample(s) at your email within 7 days from the date when we received your sample(s).