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PVCNSI’s Research LABS and Co-working space

The vision of our shared lab and co-working space is to foster the growth of small local businesses by facilitating the early stage (“proof of concept”) research and start-up companies growth. Through the collaboration with our coral farm, scientists utilizing the space will have unique opportunities to conduct research in marine biology. Our goal is to augment local science and the entrepreneurial environment through these initiatives. We offer:

  • Mailboxes
  • Shared laboratory and equipment for environmental engineering and marine biology
  • Access to scientific journals

By utilizing our facilities, researchers will be relieved of any conversations about ownership of intellectual property as they develop their research towards commercialization. 

Meet Company

Terraband, Inc.

Terraband, Inc., builds sensing systems and discovers previously uncaptured datastreams within underwater habitats in sustainable, non-invasive ways. Our work with PVCNSI is primarily the development of diagnostic tools for aquaculture which combine underwater sensors with advanced machine learning to identify, predict, and simulate group and individual behaviors of aquatic organisms.

Maxwell Ziskin
Co-Founder, CTO

Alexander Milne
Co-Founder, CEO
Brooklyn, NY and Leverett, MA

Meet Company


Addonite systems are cloud based WESN (Wireless Environment Sensor Network) networks built on Microsoft Technology. Addonite system collects physical and chemical environmental data (water, air and soil) using small, low cost and low power consumption sensors which is then sent to Addonite custom software running in the cloud where it is analyzed, triaged and made available visually on smart phone.

Meet researchers

Dr. Ljiljana Rajic

Dr. Rajic‘s research is focused on developing innovative, affordable and sustainable electrochemical technologies for water treatment including purification, desalination and reuse.

MEET Partners

Genoverde Inc.

Since Genoverde‘s founding, the company continues to develop and optimize its platform ‘cell wall gene technologies’ using the latest tools in bioinformatics, molecular biology and plant genetics.