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Dr. Ljiljana Rajic – innovative electrochemical solutions for environmental protection.


Jess Pratt – Addonite; cloud based environmental sensors for monitoring water and air quality. 

Michael Harrington – Genoverde: Since the company’s founding, the company continues to develop and optimize its platform ‘cell wall gene technologies’ using the latest tools in bioinformatics, molecular biology and plant genetics.

PVCNSI’s Research Incubator and Co-working space

- coming soon -

PVCNSI’s research incubator and co-working space is created to support the growth of innovative early stage companies by providing mailboxes, access to scientific journals and shared laboratories and equipment for environmental engineering and marine biology, as well as professional advising services on refining business strategies and raising funds for further development. By utilizing our facilities, researchers will be relieved of any conversations about ownership of intellectual property as they develop their research towards commercialization.

The vision of our incubator and co-working space is to foster the growth of small local businesses by facilitating the early stage (“proof of concept”) research and start-up companies growth. Through the collaboration with our coral farm, scientists utilizing the incubator space will have unique opportunities to conduct research in marine biology. Our goal is to augment local science and the entrepreneurial environment through these initiatives along with educational programs aimed at teachers and students from local high schools and community colleges.



Inclusion of all these programs makes PVCNSI’s incubator a one-of-a-kind STEM incubator model in Massachusetts and New England.

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